6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone 

SPP Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Manufacturer
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 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone 



The use of the Agricultural Spraying Drone has come to rescue farmers from the guesswork involved in their farming activities. The weather patterns and the expected crop yield were all unclear thus presenting a huge challenge to farmers in terms of planning. 


In recent times farmers have come up with innovative farming methods to address their farming challenges. One among them is the introduction of the Agricultural Drone Sprayer. The use of agricultural spraying drone can handle many activities including:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Weed control
  • Spraying fertilizer
  • Field management among others.


The use of  6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone has led to many advantages including:

  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Better crop quality
  • High yield rate

The Autonomous functioning of  6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone

The 20L agricultural spraying drone has a very unique design to help it perform its duties effectively. They are made to be stable with plant protective features that enable them to fly fast enough. The Agricultural Drone Sprayer has a waterproof frame that serves to protect against water splashes. 

The front shell of the drone is built to protect all the internal agricultural drone components across all directions. The outer surface is made of very special and beautiful material to create a clear view of the 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone at all times. 

The 20L tank of the SPP 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone is big enough to save you time while refilling. You do not have to fill every time like the 5L tank and this ultimately improves the working efficiency of the Agricultural Drone Sprayer. The medicine box has an angular design to make it stronger and more durable. 

The Agricultural Drone Sprayer is also easy to dismantle the arms. You only need to unscrew the tightening sleeves before removing the fixing screw. The replacement time is therefore reduced and you do not have to waste time or effort replacing the arms. 

For SPP 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone, it must be taken through thousands of tests as well as flight tests to ensure that the client receives a drone with a stable and reliable arm connection. 

Drone Tank Positioning

The tank contents are also subject to change every time the spraying takes place until it's empty. For the SPP Agricultural Spraying Drone, the drone’s center of gravity is made to overlap the middle of the motor circle as well as the water tank’s center of gravity.

This ensures that the center of gravity of the Agricultural Drone Sprayer is not affected by the constant change of the water tank contents. The stability of the frame’s center of gravity makes the Agricultural Drone Sprayer suitable for a variety of flight controllers. 

The Agricultural Spraying Drone also has a mounting panel below the front of the agricultural drone. The drone also has a mounting panel with reserved holes both for regular modules and non-regular modules.

The wiring of the 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone is also very convenient and simple to understand. The wiring cabinet is well sealed and comes dustproof and waterproof. A lot of expertise and know; edge has been put into making 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone worth purchasing. 

Specifications for 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone

Model: SPE616P

Size: 47*34*24mm

Weigh: 72g

Installation hole distance: 54-60mm

Supply voltage: 15-60V

The output voltage: 12V

Maximum current: 6A

Maximum power: 72W

Travel range: 1120-1920μs

Medicine-off signal: there is a water-high level

No water-low level

Wheelbase: 1648mm

Opened size: 2428*2428*600mm

Folded size: 1102*979*600mm

Water tank: 10L

Weight: 7kg(without spraying system)

Recommended configuration

Motor: Hobbywing X8、8118

Paddle: 28-32inch paddle


Maximum take-off weight: 38kg

Supply voltage: 44.4V


You should note that besides the frame kit, some Agricultural Spraying Drones manufacturers require that purchase other accessories separately:

  • Nozzle
  • Pump
  • Tube 
  • Connectors
  • Motor
  • Propeller
  • Flight control
  • Radio
  • Drone battery

Applications of Agricultural Spraying Drone

  • Precision Farming


Precision farming is the application of innovative tools and technologies for agriculture. This involves data analysis as acquired from the field and putting appropriate measures to increase crop yield. It helps in managing different aspects of the field in order to maximize the crop yield using fear resources. 


The use of an Agricultural Drone Sprayer helps in obtaining the required data that then forms the basis of decision-making at the farm level. 

  • Livestock monitoring


Livestock farmers can use Agricultural Drone in monitoring their livestock space. With the help of different drone features like thermal imaging and HD cameras, a farmer can easily keep their livestock closer while observing the remotely. Some of the functions that can be carried out by Agricultural Drone include:

  • Feeding management
  • Animal comfort management
  • Heat stress management
  • Behavior monitoring
  • Behavior control


  • Precision fish farming

Fish farming involves raising fish for commercial purposes in enclosed spaces or tanks. This is done to increase food productivity and solve the food insufficiency in the world. Among the ways in which agricultural drones can promote fish farming include tracking fleet navigation, tracking fish, water quality management, and feeding management.


  • Smart Greenhouse 


Greenhouses are plant production spaces with a controlled environment for crop production with enough regulated light, humidity, and temperature. The temperature is regulated to the requirements of the plant. Agricultural Drones are made to monitor such requirements to regulate humidity, temperature, luminosity, and carbon dioxide volatile organic compounds. 


Advantages of 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone in agriculture


  • Agricultural Drone Sprayers are faster compared to traditional ways of applying sprays.
  • Agricultural Drone Sprayer has intelligent control to record the activities thus ensuring precision application uniformly across projects.
  • Time-saving by covering an extensive piece of land within a short time. This saves time, labor, and chemical usage



The need for economical and precision farming is set to continue rising as the demand for food globally increases. The efficiency that comes with the use of 6 Axis 20L Agricultural Spraying Drone cannot be over-emphasized. SPP has been involved in the making of an Agricultural Drone Sprayer that is of high quality.


We welcome you to place your orders and request specific customizations for your drone and drone accessories. SPP drones come with high-quality drone batteries to help you undertake complicated agricultural activities that involve long flight time. 

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