Agricultural Drone 6 axis 16L SPE616P


Model: SPE616P

Size: 47*34*24mm

Weigh: 72g

Installation hole distance: 54-60mm

Supply voltage: 15-60V

The output voltage: 12V

Maximum current: 6A

Maximum power: 72W

Travel range: 1120-1920μs

Medicine-off signal: there is a water-high level

No water-low level

Wheelbase: 1648mm

Opened size: 2428*2428*600mm

Folded size: 1102*979*600mm

Water tank: 10L

Weight: 7kg(without spraying system)

Recommended configuration

Motor: Hobbywing X8、8118

Paddle: 28-32inch paddle


Maximum take-off weight: 38kg

Supply voltage: 44.4V

Indicator light description

Indicator status Status

Red light flashes slowly

(2 times/sec)

No input signal, need to connect the signal line

Red light flashes quickly

(10 times/sec)

The wrong input signal, inconsistent signal stroke
The red light is always on The input signal is normal and the pump is off
Yellow light is always on Water shortage reminder, medicine-off signal


output low level

Steady green

There is water in the water tank and the

medicine-off signal outputs the high level

* If you use a brushless water pump, you need to know the relevant information of the brushless water pump step-down governor, please contact our company in time.


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