Agricultural Drone 6 axis 20L SPGX620


SPGX620 Plant Protection Machine Test Form
Basic Parameters
Wheelbase 2028mm
Expand Size 2642mm×2569mm×885mm
Folded size 1192mm×623mm×885mm
Water tank 20L
Empty rack weight 10.85kg
Rack + power weight 20.45kg
Frame + spray weight 22.45kg
No-load take-off weight 31.20kg(22000mAh);
Fully loaded take-off weight 51.20kg(22000mAh);
Endurance Test
Test item No-load Full load
Load 20 liters of water/plug-in 14S 22000 battery 48V: 22 minutes 47V:8min8s
Load 20 liters of water/plug-in 14S 25000 battery 48V: 23 minutes 47V:8min38s
Working time 5min25s
Recommended Configuration
Motivation Hobbywing X9 plus
Flight control Jiyi K++
Remote control Yunzhuo H12+ camera Siyi AK28+ camera
Battery "Format 14S 3.0 Smart Plug-in Battery 22000mAh
Format Smart Battery 14S 22000mAh"


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