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Explore SPP Drone Battery Product Lineup

Smart Battery + Ordinary Battery

16000mAh-22000mAh 12S smart battery
30000mAh 14S smart battery with Molex connector
16000mAh-22000mAh 6S/12S ordinary battery
Overcharge protection

Balancing charging
Over-discharge/current protection
High/Low temperature protection
Short circuit protection
Smart storage
High precision SOC indicate
Battery health management
CAN protocol management
Data logging

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Drone Battery Customer-Made Solutions

SPP specializes in customization, ODM/OEM of agricultural drone battery, industrial and commercial drone batteries.

We design and manufacture customized cells or battery pack according to the specific requirements of our customers, including BMS customization, for professional applications of all kinds of drones.

SPP Agricultural Drones:

– 4-axis, 6-axis or 8-axis models
– Water tank 6L, 10L, 16L, 20L, 26L, 30L and above
– Replaceable water tank, seed spreader, fertilizer spreader
– X8/X9 power kit
– JIYI K++ flighting control
– Remote control T12 with video transmission kit
– Front obstacle avoidance radar & ground defense radar
– Ordinary battery or smart battery compatible
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Drone Battery Customized Solutions

SPP Drone batteries are widely use in drones of precision agricultural, eVTOL, industrial patrol, forest fire fighting and construction monitoring, also use in cargo transport, aerial photography, surveying and mapping. Exclusive customized battery for DIY drones.

Customer Testimonials

Best Product Experts Team Ever
“We’ve been working with SPP Battery for more than 2 years and their responsiveness has been very fast, especially with their impressive team of product experts who have helped me solve countless after-sales technical problems for my customers!”
Sales Manager
HighSpeed Tech Inc.
Finally, A Rapid Response Force
“What I pay most attention to is the quality and the responsiveness, this company is undoubtedly impressive, their batteries are more longer flying than other brands, amazing!”
Marketing Director
Mindset Flywheel Inc.
Meet special customer needs
“Our APP now also supports the battery BMS data, because the spraying demand of Malaysian oil palm plantations is different from that of rice, we will buy more batteries next year.”
Purchasing Agent
Poladrone Inc.