Real Estate Drones: Ultimate Guide

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Real Estate Drones: Ultimate Guide


Among the latest trends in the real estate sector is the application of Real estate drones. Real Estate drones are mainly used in property featuring. Among the many uses of drones in real estate include:

  • Residential homes
  • Resort
  • Apartments
  • Commercial properties
  • Vacant land among others.

The advancement in camera technology has enabled real estate drones to capture:

  • Still images
  • Map Images
  • 360o panoramas

Quick Guide on how to choose Real Estate Drones

Deciding on the correct drone to use in real estate requires a deep understanding of your specific needs as well as the ability of the drone to meet your interests. Let’s take a quick tour of all the important factors that you should pay attention to.  

  • Drone camera performance

The most important element of a real estate photography drone is the performance of the camera. Ith the aim is to capture clear and reliable images and videos, you definitely need to have a proper drone camera. 


Fore small properties like family homes, a 1/2.3” camera sensor size would be enough. This will however not be good enough for large outdoor spaces. You should therefore understand what you need and choose the drone with the camera sensors that suit your needs. 


  • Flying performance

When selecting a drone for real estate photography the drone battery life and drone speed are among the important aspects that must be considered. A powerful real estate drone can get up to speeds of 94 kph. 


This creates a good combination between speed and image quality. It has become easier to follow fast-moving objects such as cars and boats with fast-flying drones in real estate. With such a drone, you will definitely require a very powerful drone battery


Some of the modern real estate drones such as Mavic Air can have batteries running up to 34 minutes. 

This offers you a good opportunity to shoot all you are supposed to shoot. Therefore, when selecting which real estate drone to use, you must understand the aspects of flight performance and choose the best. 


  • Safe Flight

Another important thing to consider factor to consider is the safety of the drone flight. The safety of your real estate drone will guarantee yourself, those around you as well as the environment the safety required. There are many drones that have safety features that can match up for use in real estate photography.  


Some real estate drones come with GPS positioning as well as vision sensors. However, for projects in complex environments, it’s important to look for a real estate drone with extra vision sensors like Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. 


As you get closer to more advanced drones, you should expect more advanced in-built safety features. You should research well about the real estate photography drone you are buying to select one that fits your requirements. 

  • Data Transmission

The real estate drone transmission is a very important factor that must be considered during drone purchase. If you are planning to shoot exciting and dynamic videos and photos from different angles and distances, you should consider a reliable drone with extensive data transmission. 


Drone data transmission is the best for real estate imaging. Running such a drone in areas where there is the interference of signals is not good. It should be flown in open areas. The most reliable technology is the light bridge transmission which offers good transmission feed quality. 


To come to a better understanding of the drone that you require, you must evaluate the shooting locations and the transmission that best suits your project. 

  • Intelligent Drone Functions


Most of the amazing shots taken by drones will never be captured without drone intelligent flight modes. That could only be possible through hundreds of hours of flying by pilots. Of course, that would be so expensive. Intelligent drone flight modes give new pilots a seamless way of creating masterpieces with less effort and cost. Drones with intelligent functions will help you create dramatic footage as well as intricate flight patterns. 

  • Drone Portability

The portability of a real estate drone and its size is a very important aspects when selecting a drone for your real estate project. If your project involves constant movement from one point to another, then small drones will be the best option. They will make it easy for you to shoot. A real estate drone such as Mavic Mini will work out well for you. 


If you are considering a combination between portability and power, then you will get a lineup of options from Mavic larger drones. This includes Phantom 4 pro V2 as well as Inspire 2. It is always good to start off with a portable drone for real estate before upgrading to a more sophisticated and advanced real estate drone

  • Drone Ease of Use

After evaluating the different aspects of the real estate drone you need, the best drone for you will be the drone that is easier for you to use. You don’t need a complicated drone that you will not be able to operate. 


Otherwise, it may not be of any useful purpose to you and your project. Both the drone remote controller and the software must be friendly for you to operate. Do a lot of research on the different features that come with the drone’s app. Inspect all the features available on the app before committing to buy and ask any questions to get proper clarification. 

  • Cost of the Real Estate Drone

The cost of a drone can contribute to what kind of a real estate drone you are going to have. If you are just starting off, it’s advisable for you to start small and raise standards depending on the projects you get as well as your knowledge. 


You can not grasp everything at a go. You can therefore choose a less sophisticated drone that is easy to understand. You can later upgrade to a more sophisticated drone that will attract higher costs when you can easily understand them. 


The amount of money you are willing to invest should guide you in everything. Always calculator the return on investment to avoid any losses. 



The best real estate drone must be affordable, reliable, safe and quality to produce high-quality photos and video. For a DIY real estate drone, you can contact us and we will give you more details. For drone accessories such as drone batteries, we are ready to assist you anytime at affordable prices. 


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