What are the lithium battery devices? Lithium ion battery production equipment classification introduction

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Lithium battery equipment generally refers to all kinds of manufacturing equipment used in the production process of lithium ion battery, lithium electric equipment has a significant impact on the performance and cost of lithium ion battery, is one of the decisive factors. Lithium ion battery production process is long. The production process has more than 50 processes. This corresponds to more than 50 kinds of equipment to complete the manufacturing of each process. The process determines the lithium ion battery equipment is complex, strong specificity.

Classification of lithium ion battery equipment

  1. Power lithium battery
  2. Battery PACK
  3. Twist button batteries
  4. Lithium-ion battery batteries
  5. Polymer batteries
  6. Lead-acid batteries
  7. Square soft package liquid injection machine
  8. Battery
  9. Nickel battery insulation equipment
  10. Light nickel battery equipment
  11. Fuel power battery equipment

The manufacturing of lithium ion battery can be divided into four steps: electrode fabrication, cell assembly, cell activation detection, and battery packaging. Electrode sheet manufacturing process includes stirring, coating, rolling, cutting, production, electrode lug forming, and other processes is the basis of lithium ion battery manufacturing. It has high requirements on the performance, accuracy, stability, automation level, and production efficiency of electrode sheet manufacturing equipment.

The cell assembly process includes winding or laminating, cell pre-packaging, electrolyte injection, and other processes, which require high precision, efficiency, and consistency. The technology of cell activation detection mainly includes cell formation, volumetric detection, etc. The battery packaging process includes testing, classifying, serial-parallel combination of the single batteries that constitute the battery pack and testing the performance and reliability of the assembled battery pack.

What is the lithium battery production equipment?

Lithium ion battery automatic production equipment has:

  1. Lithium ion battery stick highland barley paper,
  2. lithium ion battery extension,
  3. lithium ion battery welding machine,
  4. lithium ion battery comprehensive tester,
  5. lithium ion battery aging cabinet.

According to the production process of lithium ion batteries, lithium electric equipment can be divided into front-end equipment, mid-end equipment, and back-end equipment.

Lithium front-end equipment is important for the electrode production process, including a vacuum mixer, coater, roller press, and slitting machine. The coating process requires that the slurry after mixing is evenly coated on the metal. The thickness is accurate to less than 3μm, cutting to ensure that there can be no burr on the surface of the slice. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the subsequent process. Therefore, front-end equipment is the core equipment of battery manufacturing, related to the quality of the whole production line.

The mid-end equipment of lithium batteries is important to cover the cell assembly process, including a winding machine or laminating machine, a cell shell feeding machine, a liquid injection machine, and sealing welding equipment.

The back-end equipment mainly covers the process of cell activation and formation, volume-splitting detection, and battery pack assembly. Relatively speaking, the middle and back end equipment such as shell, sealing, and the testing machine is relatively simple and, technical requirements are not high.

With the application of lithium ion batteries more and more widely, to meet the use of people's requirements, the company is constantly expanding the production scale, lithium electric equipment company is constantly increasing output.

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