16Ah 12S1P 44.4V Smart Battery

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Nominal Voltage 44.4V
Typical Capacity 16000mAh
Configurations 12S1P
Cell Type Li-ion Polymer
Positive Material Pure Lithium Cobalt
Energy 710.4Wh
Max  Discharge Rate 25C
Max Discharge Current 400A
Charging Time Approx 3.0 Hours (0.5C)
Standard Charge Current 3200mA (0.2C)
Max Charge Current 160A (10C)
Discharge Connector  AS150
Charging (Balancing) Connector JST-XHP-16PIN
Operating Temperature Range -20°C ~ 60℃
Battery Size 224L x 164D x 94W mm
Battery Weight 4800g

Smart Battery 16000mAh 12S1P 44.4V

Agricultural Drone Battery Custom Solutions


SPP Battery specializes in customization, ODM/OEM of agricultural drone batteries.

We design and manufacture customized batteries or cells according to the specific requirements of our customers.

Including BMS customization, for professional applications of agricultural drones or industrial class ones.


Customized BMS


SPP Battery’s BMS is mainly designed for intelligent flight batteries.

Which adopts an industrial-grade ARM-32 bit processor and matches a high-precision AFE front-end acquisition chip.

This kind of BMS provides security protection, data statistics.

And intelligent management for smart drone batteries with specifications for 12S1P.


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