How to ship drone batteries from china

Shipping Drone Batteries from China
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Which are the products that contain Lithium Batteries?

It is essential for retailers and their preferred courier providers to take time in ensuring compliance whenever you ship drone batteries. You must communicate this information correctly, label, pack, and store it properly. You may not know but very many devices and products you use on a day-to-day basis contain batteries that are made of lithium. And as more and more people turn to online retail, most of these products are being shipped all over the world. This is why it is important to have a proper way of shipping the drone batteries. 


Drone batteries are classified as dangerous goods and there is a very good reason for this. Below are some reasons why it is important to ship drone batteries in compliance with drone battery shipping regulations.


  • Drone batteries are highly flammable and may cause a fire if not properly packed
  • The drone batteries react in a sensitive manner to environmental factors.
  • Drone batteries have a high chance of short-circuiting

Ship drone batteries from china

Mailing Drone Batteries


If you ever wondered if you can ship drone batteries from china, then it’s time to know that it is possible. However, it is shipping drone batteries is more complicated than just placing the drone battery in an envelope and shipping it. The courier should have proper guidelines on how to ship drone batteries. Some of the international shipping couriers with a good reputation are:


  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • UPS
  • DHL

The main reason why you should trust the above couriers when you need to ship drone batteries by sea, airplane, or ground is that they have well-trained personnel. Their personnel understands better how the drone batteries work and how they can safely handle them. Their personnel also has enough knowledge of the details and drone shipping regulations that must be complied with. 

Requirements for mailing drone batteries

If you are planning to ship drone batteries, there are some regulations that you must follow. Here are some of these regulations:


  • Drone batteries that weigh above 35kgs must first be approved by the national authority before it is shipped
  • There will be no shipment of a damaged or defective drone battery
  • The waste drone batteries that are meant for recycling should not be shipped by air unless under the approval of the national authority and the airline.
  • The package of the drone battery should be marked with a “dangerous goods” mark and accompanied with all the necessary documentation.
  • For maximum safety, consider using special packaging equipment.


The consequences of failing to comply when you ship drone batteries

For some reasons and actually good reasons, the airlines, couriers, and governments, all have put in place their lithium batteries including drone battery shipping regulations. These batteries can be dangerous if not properly handled and some of the consequences that may arise from that can be hard to tackle. 

Failure to comply with these regulations may mean that your drone battery shipment will get rejected by your courier. It won’t be possible to deliver your drone batteries to where they are going. 

If you happen to mid-declare the condition of your goods and you are caught, you might face very serious punishment. All the dangerous goods are inspected for any non-compliance and fines can get very high. In some cases, your business can get blacklisted and be banned from any shipping in the future. 

Unfortunately, failing to comply may lead to tragic consequences. If the shipment of your battery does not comply with the set guidelines and regulations, it may start a fire or lead to other dangerous situations. This can be due to poor packaging or improper labeling. These situations have caused numerous boat sinkings and plane crashes amongst other related deaths from this. 

Tips for safe Shipping of Drone batteries from China

In order to ensure that you are safe, you must make sure that your drone batteries are in order with the regulations for drone shipping. Below are some tips on how you can ship drone batteries:


  • Ensure you protect the terminals from any short-circuiting
  • Cover the drone battery terminals with non-conductive insulating materials
  • In order to protect the terminals, pack each drone battery in properly enclosed interior packaging.
  • You should not put heavy items on the packed drone batteries
  • Keep the drone batteries far from the metallic objects to avoid short-circuiting
  • Do not store the drone batteries in extreme heat
  • As you ship drone batteries, confirm that they are not defective
  • Label the drone battery package to make it clear that it contains dangerous goods or lithium batteries


Documents needed when shipping drone batteries with


In most cases, you will need to have several certifications and documents together for any shipping courier to accept your package. Below is a list of documents that you need to have for your package to be shipped. Find out if there is anything else not listed below that your courier may need in order to ship drone batteries.

  • Dangerous Goods Contract: Some the couriers like UPS may require you to sign a separate contract for them to ship your lithium battery package. This may vary from one good to the other and it is therefore good to first check out with them so as to prepare.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): This is a document needed for all shipments that contain hazardous materials. The airline you intend to work with may require to see this before accepting your package for shipment.
  • UN38.3 Certificate: You need to provide this certificate before shipment. This is a certificate that testifies that your drone battery has been tested in accordance with the UN guidelines and is safe for shipping.

Shipping Drone batteries from China

It is now clear and easy for you to ship drone batteries from china. China has some of the best lithium and specifically drone battery manufacturers worldwide. At the top of the list is Dronebatt as we specialize in drone batteries and UAVs. 


If you are having any challenges in shipping your drone batteries from china, we will be here to assist you. We will ensure that your purchases arrive safely at your destination. Contact us today for the best drone batteries on the market.


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