The good assistant for new farmers—Agricultural drones

Agricultural drones
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With the development of drone technology, agricultural modernization has also ushered in a new situation of smart agriculture drones battery. More and more smart agriculture drones are flying in the fields. When agriculture meets technology, changes are quietly proceeding.

In some areas of China, smart agriculture drones have become standard equipment for new farmers.

Take the Jiansanjiang area in Heilongjiang Province, North-East of China,

where the penetration rate is very high, for example, 90% of the rice has used agricultural drone services.

From agricultural mechanization to agricultural intelligence, drones have become the "new protagonist" of modern agriculture.

1. Agricultural drones meet development requirements

smart agriculture drones battery

China is a largely agricultural country with more than 728 million hectares of basic farmland.

With the accelerated transformation of the country's new agricultural management system, the number and scale of large growers, family farms,

and agricultural cooperatives are constantly increasing, and the market demand for agricultural drones is also growing.

smart agriculture drones batteryThe market could accommodate 150,000 agricultural drones, and the total annual service value is expected to be 45 billion yuan.

In recent years, as the country has identified agriculture and informatization as key areas,

the aviation agricultural business had made breakthroughs in China and has shown great development and application prospects.

smart agriculture drones battery

The wide application of drones in agriculture not only has great economic value but also has social value:

ultra-high work efficiency

Does not pose a threat to the safety of personnel, saves a lot of labor, saves agricultural input costs, etc.,

and ultimately increases farmers' economic benefits.

2. Quantitative, accurate and efficient

It is a good helper for farmers to achieve breakthroughs in operational efficiency.

Multifunctional smart agriculture drones battery have stronger load capacity and better wind resistance. More importantly, one machine has multiple functions.

Different operations could realize by mounting onboard equipment with different functions.

One flying platform can easily realize operations

such as liquid medicine spraying, solid fertilizer spraying, powder spraying, and precise seeding of seeds.

The entire growth process of crops greatly saves the cost of purchase, maintenance, use, and other aspects,

and has a very high-cost performance.

As an important part of accurately controlling the amount of spreading, the design of the doser is particularly critical.

By adjusting the rotating speed of the doser, the amount per mu and the spreading density could be accurately controlled.


At the same time,

to adapt to a variety of spreading scenes and improve operational flexibility, the roller-type meter could be disassembled and replaced.


According to the actual spreading needs, different troughs could be selected.

The size of the dispenser could flexibly adapt to a variety of spreading scenes.

Finally, the seed enters the ejector of the spreading system,

and the duct fan inside can generate a high-speed airflow of 18m/s,

which quickly blows the particles to the target area through the spread duct.

The specially designed nozzle could further accelerate the airflow, on the one hand,

it makes the spraying smoother and is not affected by the environment and the wind field of the drone,

and it could also protect the rice germ from damage during the sowing process.

Its effective spray width can exceed 9 meters, and the daily working area is as high as 165-200 acres.

Quantitative, precise, and efficient operations have become a good helper for farmers to achieve breakthroughs in operational efficiency.

It has "liberated" farmers from heavy work and has become the best way to empower agricultural producers and service providers.

smart agriculture drones battery

3. It has its presence all over the country

Small body and big energy

In the rice field of Yufeng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanxi Province, a smart agriculture drones battery is carrying out flying spraying operations.

In 10 minutes, more than 10 acres of rice could easily spray.

A drone can complete more than 30 acres in a day, which is very efficient.

In addition to saving time and effort, the whole process of drone operation is set and operated by a computer, which greatly improves the accuracy compared to manual judgment through experience.

It can also reduce pesticide consumption by nearly half, making agricultural production greener.

Tractor spraying is easy to overwhelm crops; manual spraying has uneven pesticide spraying,

and it is easy to remain on the operator, leading to risks such as poisoning.

Xinjiang's cotton production accounts for nearly 80% of the country, and it is also the country's main cotton storage area.

Each year, Xinjiang cotton enters a high-yield period in September, which is also a critical moment for spraying cotton defoliants.

Instead of using traditional tractors to spray drugs, drone spraying defoliant services have become very common in Xinjiang.

The 2020 pandemic will reduce the flow of labor in Xinjiang,

but smart agricultural drones ensure that cotton production efficiency is not affected by the pandemic.


smart agriculture drones batteryThanks to the efforts of the "smart agriculture drones battery",

cotton operation in Xinjiang had not been affecting by the pandemic, on the contrary, income had increased.

According to a survey published by the China Cotton Association,

Xinjiang’s cotton yield per unit is expecting to be 5.244 million tons this year.

And the probability of an increase in seed cotton per unit yield by 60-100 kg/acre is higher, an increase of 4.1% year on year.

smart agriculture drones battery

In the summer season, in the paddy field science and technology park area of eastern Heilongjiang Province,

with the roaring sound, a group of plant protection drones skyrocketed to work over the endless rice fields.


The paddy field science and technology park in Hutto Town has a core area of 160 acres and a radiation area of 16,000 acres. With

In recent years, with the rapid development of aviation operations in recent years, this park has applied UAV serialization to rice operations.

Aerial atomization spraying is not only effective but also environmentally friendly,

but also reduces labor, improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs, and achieves increased agricultural production.


At present, the aviation chemical operation of 16,000 acres of rice in the park is proceeding in an orderly manner.

smart agriculture drones battery

From south to north, multifunctional agricultural drones fly into the fields,

which not only help farmers use scientific methods to easily farm.


And obtain greater benefits but also play an important role in improving the agricultural ecological environment

and promoting healthy, and sustainable development of agriculture.

Agricultural drones have gradually penetrated sowing, fertilization, plant protection, and other links, subverting the traditional manual and mechanical labor methods,

breaking the extensive traditional production mode, and moving towards intensification, precision, intelligence, and data.

The era of smart agriculture is approaching, and new models of farming are within reach. Let us look forward to the fruits of the harvest together.

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